• Meeting or exceeding the requirements and expectations of our customers, we will cooperate constructively with satisfied customers to the mutual benefit of both parties.
  • All our efforts will concentrate on building up a successful partnership-based long-term working relationship with our business partners. This relationship will be based upon mutual trust, respect and fairness.
  • We will train, qualify and motivate our employees such that they continuously strive to improve their own performance.
  • Our employees are familiar with our quality policy; they are aware of their responsibility for the quality of their own work.
  • Acting preventively will make it possible to avoid errors and save costs.
  • We continuously improve the quality of our products and processes, to mitigate risks and to take the benefit of possible opportunities.
  • Our business system meets the requirements of a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9100 and AQAP 2110. It will be constantly improved and developed.
  • We always act according to the ethical principles of the MBDA Group and our parent company MBDA Deutschland.



The following Bayern-Chemie principles stem from the MBDA Environmental Policy:

  • We see protection of the environmental as a global social priority and wish to make our own contribution through responsible and environmentally aware activity.
  • We will orient the development and manufacture of our products and delivery of our services so as to maximise the benefits for our customers while at the same time balancing the impact upon the environment.
  • We will respect the principle of sustainability in the development of our products and in the management of our procurement activities, so supporting protection of the environment.
  • We commit ourselves to produce an annual environmental protection report and use this to identify possible improvement and optimisation actions for environmental protection purposes.
  • As far as possible and meaningful we will monitor the thus developed improvement actions with company specific indicators.
  • We will strive to increase the awareness of our partners, customers and suppliers for environmental protection themes.
  • We will train and motivate our employees with regard to an improved environmental protection awareness and individual environmentally friendly behaviour.

Herbert Linner
Director Quality Management