Quality – our aspiration, our responsibility

The quality policy of BAYERN-CHEMIE


BAYERN-CHEMIE is an acknowledged technological leader and the MBDA centre of competence for high-end rocket propulsion and special pyrotechnic systems. Trust, reliability, respect and fairness – these values shape our actions, both within the company and towards our customers and suppliers. They are part of our company’s DNA.

Our customers rely on our products in the most difficult situations, under extreme conditions. We aim at fulfilling their expectations at any given point in time and, if possible, at exceeding them. Faulty products are not an option for us, and reliability and safety are indispensable. This aspiration forms the basis for constructive, fair, and successful long-term relationships. We are only satisfied if our products work perfectly throughout their entire useful lives.

We thrive for total quality – at any time, and in everything we do. Our employees are familiar with our quality policy and are aware of their responsibility for turning this aspiration into everyday reality. As a company, we support them by providing comprehensive training and qualification means. Furthermore, by maintaining the highest possible workplace standards, we safeguard health and safety of each individual and of the company overall.

Our production processes and products are characterised by innovation and experience. We are continuously working to improve their quality. Product safety is at the centre of our attention. Prevention and anticipation help us to avoid errors and save costs.

Our continuous strive for improvement enables us to avoid risks and generate significant opportunities in our competitive environment. Standing still means falling behind. Thus, we are also continuously improving our business management system. Best practice examples are guiding us, and international norms such as DIN EN 9100 and AQAP 2110 are providing the necessary framework, along with the ethical principles of our parent company MBDA Deutschland GmbH and MBDA group, which we fully share and support.

Thus, quality becomes an aspiration for the entire company and affects everyone’s actions – day by day, in every task and without exception.

Environmental protection – our aspiration, our responsibility

The environmental policy of BAYERN-CHEMIE


BAYERN-CHEMIE uses a large number of chemical raw materials and significant amounts of water and energy for the development and production of its products. As part of our social responsibility, environmental awareness and environmentally friendly behaviour are key cornerstones of our company policy and daily work.

In alignment with our parent company MBDA Deutschland GmbH and MBDA group, the guiding principles of our environmental policy are:

  • Environmental protection is a management obligation.
  • Our operating processes and the required infrastructure must be in line with relevant laws and provisions.
  • Moreover, we evaluate opportunities and risks and derive measures in order to minimise adverse impacts on our environment to the maximum extent possible.
  • Official authorities and the interested public are partners with whom we actively engage and cooperate for the common good.
  • We consider environmental protection a task which is relevant throughout the entire productlife cycle, including disposal.
  • We expect our suppliers to share our environmental policy and to actively contribute to asustainable and environmentally friendly sourcing along the entire supply chain.
  • We are convinced that the implementation of our environmental policy is only achievable with all our employees actively engaged. Thus, we promote individual, environmentally friendly behaviour and support by appropriate information, training and instruction.
  • We constantly review and improve our processes regarding environmental protection on the basis of the most recent, generally accepted environmental, procedural and product norms as well as industry agreements.

Responsibility for our environment – these values shape our actions!


Herbert Linner
Director Quality Management