Service Portfolio

Bayern-Chemie is the ideal partner for the whole life-cycle of your propulsion systems and gas generators.

Our experts take the time to understand our customers’ needs in detail as early as the concept stage. We help the customer define requirements and create specifications.

Our company’s comprehensive technical resources allow us to quickly produce and test prototypes in our own testing facilities during the development phase. With state-of the-art modelling and simulation software, some of which is developed in house, we can reduce trials with costly hardware to the necessary minimum. The development phase involves creation of a propellant suitable for the respective application.

To qualify components and systems, we have a wide range of facilities allowing us to reproduce the harsh environmental loads found in the defence sector and in space. Naturally, there are several testing facilities for trial operation of ramjet propulsion systems, rocket motors and gas generators.

The propellants used in our propulsion systems and gas generators are made in-house at our Aschau am Inn site. Individual components and subassemblies for the whole system are made in co-operation with qualified suppliers which have been or partners for many years.

Propulsion systems and gas generators undergo final assembly at our Aschau site. Our experts support the integration of the propulsion system or gas generator into the parent platform on site.

Our customer service department offers support for the monitoring, maintenance and product-update phases as well as the eventual disposal of systems and components at the end of their service life.

As an ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 certified company, we audit all our processes for effectiveness and efficiency at regular intervals thereby ensuring the sustainability of our success.