BAYERN-CHEMIE: New sounding rocket concept presentation at the ESA Symposium in Sweden

Bayern ChemieSpace

Aschau, 7 June 2017 – As part of the continuous effort to intensify and extent its activities in
the fast-growing space market, BAYERN-CHEMIE will be present at the 23 ESA Symposium
in Visby, Sweden from June 11 – 15, 2017. BAYERN-CHEMIE will focus on the presentation of
a brand-new and unique design concept of a propulsion system in a scientific vehicle for
atmospheric research.

The 23 ESA Symposium on European Rocket and Balloon Programmes and Related
Research is organised and sponsored by European Space Agency (ESA) and the Swedish
Space Corporation in coordination with the Swedish National Space Board.
BAYERN-CHEMIE will contribute to the Symposium, which was initiated by the member states
of EASP (Esrange Andøya Special Project) to provide a forum for scientists and engineers
using sounding rockets and balloons for their research, by showcasing a stage concept for a
hovering thermosphere probe vehicle with green, safe and affordable gelled propellant rocket

BAYERN-CHEMIE’s sounding rocket concept with GRM (Gelled Rocket Motors) is highly
modular. The filament wound structures for tanks and skirts are designed for easy production
procedures. The GRP (Gelled Rocket Propellant) allows for a high specific impulse – higher
than that of aluminised solid propellants. The vehicle can either hover at a required altitude, or
scan an altitude range and a lateral range to gather measurements about a selected volume of
the atmosphere.

Unlike traditional sounding rockets that cross the atmosphere and yield only measurements
along a narrow straight flight path over a short period of time, a vehicle with the capability of
traveling or hovering at a required altitude profile will enhance the measuring capability
significantly. Dependent on the desired cruise altitude, the vehicle can be launched by a one-or
two-stage sounding rocket. The presentation will take place Tuesday, June 13, at 10 o’clock in
room No. 2.

Dr. Karl Wieland Naumann, Director Strategy & Business Development at BAYERN-CHEMIE
says: “The highly controllable green gel propulsion system is a key enabler for that class of
vehicles. It draws on BAYERN-CHEMIE ́s experience in GRM technology and is a significant
step towards further applications. A highly controllable and effective propulsion system is
equally needed for moon or planetary landers. GRM also allows to build safe, environmentally
friendly and affordable stages for launch vehicles. BAYERN-CHEMIE will support the
advancement of sustainable space transportation. We have an exhibition booth at the
symposium and look forward to fruitful discussions”.

For further information contact: Carlsberg&Richter, +49-89-5177727-42,

BAYERN-CHEMIE is a global technology leader in the field of guided missile propulsion and
space propulsion and can look back on a 60-year history in developing and producing
throttleable solid fuel ramjets, high-performance propulsion systems with single- and multi-pulse
technology, gel-based variable thrust propulsion and gasdynamics systems as well as
technology work in air breathing combined cycle engines. Since 2014, BAYERN-CHEMIE has
been strategically applying its technological and methodological core competences in the
increasingly commercialized and fast-growing space market. In doing so, the company’s
comprehensive technology portfolio offers various applications in the field of satellite, research
rocket and launcher propulsion. BAYERN-CHEMIE is a full subsidiary of the MBDA Group and
the group’s center of excellence for rocket propulsion systems. The company is headquartered
in Aschau/Inn, Germany.