BAYERN-CHEMIE concludes agreement with European Space Agency on the further development of SABRE engine

Bayern ChemieSABRE

BAYERN-CHEMIE has concluded an agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) on March 3, 2017, stipulating the company’s involvement in the development and production of key components for the ambitious SABRE project of Reaction Engines Ltd. (REL).

In the project, BAYERN-CHEMIE will be responsible for the development of key components of SABRE, including the air intake, bypass system and ram-combuster.

Already last year, BAYERN-CHEMIE successfully examined a basic configuration of the air intake on behalf of REL and ran wind tunnel test. Furthermore, planning anticipates that BAYERN-CHEMIE will carry out the required tests of propulsion system components for the SABRE project, requiring substantial modifications of the existing ramjet and rocket test facilities. The concept development for these modifications is part of the agreement.

The ESA agreement showcases the specific expertise of BAYERN-CHEMIE for the space industry. BAYERN-CHEMIE is determined to intensify its efforts in this growth market in the future.